Wherever we go, mobile internet usage has changed the way we contact our friends, obtain information, listen to music and spend our time. Ninty-Two Percent of adults now have a smartphone. That's more than double the number reported on a survey on smartphone ownership in mid-2011. At that point only 35% of adults had smartphones. The increase in usage isn't surprising when you stop and consider the various and numerous things that can be done wherever you go on the internet today. Just consider the following list for a minute and the increase to 92% is easy to understand.

  • Surf the internet
  • Make & receive phone calls anywhere
  • Send & receive text messages
  • Send & receive e-mail messages
  • Send & receive video phone calls
  • Send & receive conference calls
  • Connect with people on social media
  • Find businesses that are near you
  • Listen to music
  • Stream videos or tv shows
  • Check bank account balance
  • Shop & compare prices for anything
  • Save money finding the best price
  • Find hard to find items
  • Sale items you don't need anymore
  • Read books online
  • Go to University online
  • Find a new mate on dating site
  • Learn about any subject
  • Watch web cams around the world
  • Start a Business
  • Become FAMOUS for what you do best

Thanks in part to Millennium users and the over 55 crowd that are hugely MOBILE-ONLY internet users, internet sales have increased over 75% in the past few years.  Mobile internet users surfing the web far exceed personal computer users today. Computer sales have been on a steady downhill slide since 2010.

The worlds most popular search engine, Google, has been recommending responsive website design for years. It is easier for Google to keep accurate website records of a responsive web design. Google also prefers a computer site and a responsive site over a single computer site for a buiness. It's harder to keep accurate records with a two site design but the mobile responsive site is very important and will increase your positioning in search engines.

Mobile Internet usage continues to increase rapidly and it is extremely important for your future business growth that your website is mobile friendly. In the past, serious business owners had two websites. One site for their personal computer customers and one for any mobile users that visited their business online. But with the majority of web surfers now being mobile users, a business should focus more towards mobile users. Advances in web technologies have made it possible to now have one website that serves computers, tablets and smartphones equally well. The future is now and it is called a responsive website design.

A responsive website design simply means a website that has been designed so that the content and images included in the website remains the same on any device. A responsive website design is designed to where it determines the best way to present the website to the user based on the users browser and surfing device whether its a computer or smartphone. All users see the same website no matter what device they are using but its simply adjusted for their screen size.

increasing mobile internet usage chart

The implications from the above internet usage graph are pretty clear. Mobile usage is greater than personal computer usage! If mobile internet users are unable to surf your company's website or are unable to interact with the call to action requests on your website... they will surf to your competitor's website and give them their business.

If your website isn't a 100% Responsive Website Design, you need to contact us TODAY!

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